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Our Team

A thousand words within a picture

OVHRD is a band of entrepreneurial adventure nerds that had a sneaking suspicion that online images could tell better stories - so they figured out how, and OVRHD was born

Michael Bhanos, Kind of a Big Deal
Michael is a man with a mission – defy the status quo. Michael founded OVRHD in October 2013, armed with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising, marketing and sales, and a lifetime of taunting mortality on skateboards, snowboards, kite-boards, and mountain bikes. Hailing from the mean streets of Baltimore, our fearless leader has chosen to channel his passion for risks and rewards into a venture that benefits all likeminded gear-heads and adventure seekers. Groomed for greatness at companies such as Ultimate Sports, Western,, AOL, VEVO, and Alliance Health, Michael has now focused all of his talents and energy into his entrepreneurial vision – OVRHD.
Christina Bhanos, Totally a Big Deal
Christina is a mom on the move. Forget "girl about town," Christina is a woman of the world. A marketing and advertising consultant with a serious case of wanderlust, Christina moved to Park City from her previous basecamp in Greece to start a new chapter in her life. Now Christina trains like an adventurous superwoman, sneaking in half-marathon style runs, yoga, SUP sessions, and twin toddler chasing, all while lending her marketing prowess and guidance to OVRHD.
Constance Beverley, Purveyor of Radness
Constance, or "Stance," is a corporate law escapee with an eye for fine print and an adventurous spirit. Our resident raconteur and detail maven happily traded Wall Street for powder stashes and big ideas – namely, OVRHD. Despite word on the street, Stance is a softy – lending her time to various non-profits such as Stoked Mentoring, The Kelly Clark Foundation, B4BC, and SheJumps. When she isn't rocking out at OVRHD HQ, you can find Stance trekking with hipster music snobs on glaciers in Iceland, complaining about LA traffic, or singing the praises of a perfect NY bagel. She's happy to share her stories with you, but she might make you sign an NDA first.
Patrick Smith, Business Analytics Badboy and Tech King
Patrick has all the tech nerd cred you can handle: 15 years of experience, ranging from gigs as a Systems Administrator, to Senior Developer, and most recently as the Director of Business Intelligence for Alliance Health Networks. He has also rocked the ?Big Data? world ? proficient in the sexy tech ways of SSIS, SSAS, MSSQL, and the massive parallel processing system Paracel. Yes, we were impressed too, hence Patrick now runs OVRHD?s tech show, all while wearing shorts in all seasons and withstanding relentless jokes from our team about his die-hard love of the Chicago Bears.